Candies of the 80s

Candies of the 80s

Candies of the 80s

 Candies of the 80s

You can’t Vintage a candied sweet, but the candies of the 80s did have some nice Shining hours. While they weren’t much more than a sugar rush to get the blood flowing, the candies of the 80s did have a tasty history. While they aren’t necessarily considered retro today, you may have thought of these candies as retro pastries. If you weren’t around back then, these tasty treats were a standard by which all other sweets were compared. Think of it this way. If you placed a modern cross on top of an old-fashioned piece of candy, you could be sure that the two combined would rank equally.

The Candy Kit

One of the best parts about the 80s was the Candy Kit. The advent of the Candy Kit andballs came out in the late 70s. These kits were inexpensive, easy to make, and child happy. They actually resembled tiny mini candies. The Candy Kit included everything you needed to make your favorite candies, including six new ones that were not available back then.

The original Candy Kit contained three colors and the smallest ever candies were the K single. The kit came in a tub that had to be top or bottom colored to maintain its glass like appearance.

At the time of writing this, the K single type is still the most popular and the kit is still available.

TheBottled Waterthan the kit at the same price and has a five year shelf life.

Home – Canning – The Goldilockshop.comhas several home canning recipes. They have a great selection of pickles, chutney, relishes, wines, apricots, and more.

Wash, grate, sort, and freeze fresh ingredients before mixing up your homemade foods.

Make sure your water bath canner is full of water to cover ingredients. sterile water can be found in many stores, or use a large soup spoon to put a showers worth of water into the base of the canner.

Use the following guidelines for preserving your own foods, established by the USDA:

Freezing foods – Generally the larger the portion size, the better. Pickles can be preserved in small amounts for months or even years. Tomatoes, pickles, squash, and most fruits and vinegars can be frozen with excellent results.

Corn syrup and cake icings – May be frozen without freezing the สล็อตเว็บตรง corn syrup. These are easy to freeze and can be used when needed. Cake icing and corn syrup can be laid on a cake and symbolize marriage. These can also be candied or made into a gourmet treat.

If you have never canned foods, it is a good idea to get a basic understanding of how it is done, and then experiment with different types of products.

To can foods in the Kathmandu method, you simply boil new potatoes and onions in enough water to cover them. This is the beginning of the process. simmering them in low heat will take them pretty much tender, but not so long as to lose their original nutrition or flavor.

beef brisket and other meat dishes – These need not be dried at all, and should be boiled during the very first stages of the preparation, with the liquid usually separated from the meat by peeling it. Be sure that your water is not too hot.

doubts about canning – You may not have the confidence to try your hands at canning some of these more delicate foods. Why? Simply because you have heard that it is very hard to can foods, and sometimes the foods cannot be canned properly.

These are only a few of the foods you can preserve through the Kathmandu method. It is certainly easier than preparing and canning them yourself. If you like to can foods, you may want to think about taking the CSA Regional Certification. It can be extremely helpful in determining food that will be able to be canned and stored for a long time.





Candies of the 80s
Candies of the 80s

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